PNP Ranks and Insignia


The Philippine National Police (PNP) is the primary law enforcement agency in the Philippines. It is responsible for maintaining peace and order, preventing and solving crimes, and ensuring public safety.  Understanding the PNP rank structure is crucial in comprehending the organization’s hierarchy and the roles and responsibilities of its officers. The PNP rank structure is composed of various ranks, each with its own set of duties and responsibilities. Philippine National Police Ranks and Insignia The PNP has recently introduced new rank classifications and abbreviations. As per the new law, the PNP rank classification will be unique as the ranks will now be preceded by the term “Police”.  The PNP rank structure is composed of various ranks, from the lowest to the highest. The lowest rank is Police Officer 1 (PO1) now called Patrolman/Patrolwoman and the highest rank is the Police Director General (PDG) now called Police General, PGEN. Each rank has its own set of duties and responsibilities, with higher ranks having more significant roles in the organization. Here are the new rank classifications and abbreviations in the PNP. PNP Rank (Old) New Rank Police Non-Commissioned Officer Police Officer I(PO1) Patrolman/Patrolwoman, Pat Police Officer II (PO2) Police Corporal, PCpl Police Officer III(PO3) … Read more